MS 3120...3469

Most of these manuscripts have been acquired since 1980, and date mainly from 1660 onwards.

They include the Audley psalter, and a book of hours, 15th century (MS 3285, MS 3338), letters of Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York, 1565-1600 (MS 3408), churchwardens' accounts for Holy Trinity, Minories, 1566-1686 (MS 3390), a household book of Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex, 1622 (MS 3361), a funeral account of Archbishop Abbot, 1633 (MS 3153), and exhortation of the Family of Love, c.1650 (MS 3191), an autobiography of Sir George Wheler written in 1701 (MS 3286), a transcript of papers of George Hickes, nonjuror (MS 3171), papers of the Revd. Charles Simeon, evangelical divine, 1824-36 (MS 3170), of Archbishop Manners-Sutton, 1794-1827 (MS 3274), of Michael Solomon Alexander, 1st Bishop in Jerusalem (MS 3393-7); notebooks of Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin, 1814-48 (MS 3163-4); and papers of Robert Beloe, lay secretary to successive Archbishops of Canterbury, 1959-69, and of his ancestors, the Bramstons and Hales (MS 3256-73, MS 3391).

The 20th century is represented by numerous churchmen and bishops, including Canon John Collins, president of Christian Action and chairman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (MS 3287-3319), the Revd. St. John Beverley Groser, master of St. Katharine's Foundation (MS 3428-35), Arthur Cayley Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester, and his niece, P.L. Wingfield (MS 3132-7), Neil Ripley Ker on parish libraries (MS 3221-4), Edmund Robert Morgan, Bishop of Truro (MS 3229-55), Canon Sidney Leslie Ollard (MS 3386-9), Canon A.W. Robinson and J.A. Robinson, Dean of Westminster (MS 3356-8), Robert Wright Stopford, Bishop of London (MS 3421-7), Oliver Stratford Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol (MS 3409-11), and Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram, Bishop of London (MS 3406). Also included are sermons (15th-20th century) of the Revd. Thomas Bennett, George Hooper, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester and others (MS 3167, MS 3169, MS 3190, MS 3219, MS 3236-51, MS 3344-5, MS 3357, MS 3461-2); papers on Lambeth Palace, its heirlooms and paintings (MS 3346-9); fees and precedents for ecclesiastical courts (MS 3403-6, MS 3416); journals and photograph albums of Athelstan Riley on Russia, Kurdistan and Persia (MS 3398-401); constitutions and rules of Anglican religious communities (MS 3180, MS 3213-4); minutes and papers of the Bishops' Board for Service Chaplains, 1945-63 (MS 3183-4), the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, 20th century (MS 3320-37), the Church of England Men's Society, 1899-1986 (MS 3364-84), the Churches' Council on Gambling (MS 3155-8), the Deaconess Institution, Gilmore House, 1887-1970 (MS 3463-6), the Friends of Reunion, 1933-70 (MS 3225-8), the Girls' Diocesan Association, 1910-61 (MS 3140-5), the Sword of the Spirit, 1940-1 (MS 3418), the Paul Report on the deployment of clergy, 1960-4 (MS 3444-58), and reports from overseas dioceses (Africa, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, etc.) to the Missionary Council of the Church Assembly, 1929-55 (MS 3121-8).