MS 1907...2340

Most of these manuscripts were acquired between 1958 and 1969.

They include a 13th century Syrian new testament (MS 2097), the Ingham roll, c.1366 (MS 2078), letters of Archbishop Arundel, 1413 (MS 1999), a 15th century manuscript of Lionardi de Frescobaldi's journey to the Holy Land in 1384 (MS 1994), the Fairhurst Papers (MS 2000-19) comprising records at one time in Archbishop Laud's study, such as correspondence with continental reformers and English divines, 1529-93, Elizabethan privy council papers, 1589-93, a holograph manuscript of John Bale, bishop of Ossory, 1561, replies to Archbishop Grindal on Puritan prophesyings, 1576-7, papers on the musters of the clergy, 1580-1601, and on the Archpriest controversy, 1602. Further Fairhurst Papers were acquired by the Library in 1988 (MS 3470-3533).

Later manuscripts include papers of Robert Mylne, surveyor of St. Paul's Cathedral, 1752-98 (MS 2027), sermons and other writings of the Revd. Thomas Brett, nonjuror (MS 2179-83, MS 2219-21), diaries and memoranda of Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London, 1777-1809 (MS 2098-2106), papers of William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1766-1848 (MS 2184-2213), letters and sketches by the Revd. S.R. Maitland on his continental tour, 1828 (MS 1943).

Also included is correspondence of Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin, 1810-62 (MS 2164), of G.F.P. Blyth, Bishop in Jerusalem, 1887-1914 (MS 2227-37), of Charles Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, and of Christopher Wordsworth, master of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1811-85 (MS 2140-51), of T.A. Lacey, canon of Worcester, 1893-1929 (MS 1974-6), of J.J. Willis, Bishop of Uganda, 1900-55 (MS 2245-2320), of E.G.C.F. Atchley, MRCS, mainly on the liturgy, 1880-1933 (MS 1926-42).

Also included are the medical reports on George III during his bouts of 'insanity', 1811-20 (MS 2107-39), papers of the Cambridge Camden Society, 1839-54 (MS 1977-93), of the Jerusalem and the East Mission Fund, 1844-1936 (MS 2327-40), of the Church of England Temperance Society, 1880-1966 (MS 2030-73), of J. Armitage Robinson, dean of Wells, on the Malines Conversations, 1921-6 (MS 2222-4), and of the Mission to London, 1948-52 (MS 1948-60).

Further information can be found in: Bill, E.G.W. A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1907-2340, (Oxford,1976).

A micropublication of the Fairhurst Papers (MS 2000-2019) is available from Cengage Learning.