MS 3599-

Manuscripts acquired and catalogued since 1991 including: a 13th century book of hours (MS 3599), a Syon Abbey prayerbook and requiem office book, late mediaeval (MS 3600, MS 3774), the surrender deeds for Hitchin priory, 1538 (MS 4202), theological and devotional works of Bishop Lancelot Andrewes, including Preces privatae (1555-1625) (MS 3707-8), the act book of the Archbishop's Court of Audience, 1615-16 (MS 3711), prayer book of Sir Edward Hoby, early 17th century (MS 3998), letters of Bishop William Lloyd, especially to Archbishop Sancroft (MS 3694-3700), further papers of the Revd. John Newton and the Revd William Bull, 1750-1804 (MS 3970-5), and papers of the Revd. Charles Wellington Furse, 1829-98 (MS 4096-4133).

More recent material includes further diaries of Bishop Moorman, 1921-88 (MS 3616-76), letters of Louise Creighton, wife of Mandell Creighton, Bishop of London, 1872-1927 (MS 3677-80), notes of Archbishop Benson and Bishop Wordsworth on the trial of Bishop King, 1888-9 (MS 3764-70), a minute book on continental chaplaincies, 1872-1900 (MS 3981); papers of Brother Edward of the Village Evangelists movement (MS 3828-60), of the Revd. St. John Beverley Groser (MS 3771-3), of the Revd. H.R.L. (Dick) Sheppard, 1892-1937 (MS 3741-50), of Reginald Somerset Ward (MS 4134-83), and of Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark, 1913-89 (MS 4187-91).

The late 19th and 20th century collections of various societies include records of the Band of Hope, 1855-1990 (MS 3712-40), Church Moral Aid Association, 1852-92 (MS 3681-3706), of the Churches Council on Alcohol and Drugs, formerly the Temperance Council of the Christian Churches (MS 3751-63), of the Church Penitentiary Association, 1852-1951 (MS 3681-3706), of the Industrial Christian Fellowship, formerly the Navvy Mission Society (MS 4003-95), of the Church of England Council for Social Aid (MS 3775-8), of the Council for Promoting Catholic Unity (MS 3995).

Records of Anglican communities include those of the Community of the Holy Rood, 1869-1992 (MS 3917-69), and of the Order of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, 1904-90 (MS 3862-93). Also included are a drawing by Jan Griffier of Lambeth Palace (MS 4196), two sketches by A.W.N. Pugin of the palace and deanery at Wells, 1832 (MS 4201), sketches and photograph album of Archbishop Benson (MS 3977, MS 4184, MS 4199), and photographic collections of Richard and Charles Barrow Keene and James Willoughby Harrison (MS 3601-15).