MS 2341...3119

With the exception of the Secker Papers (MS 2559-98) and the additional Gladstone Papers (MS 2758-74), all these manuscripts have been acquired since 1968.

These include a late 13th century Greek new testament (MS 2795), records of the divorce of Catherine of Aragon (MS 2341-2), biblical lectures by Theodor Bibliander, 1533-8 (MS 2751-7), papers of Richard Bertie on Marian exiles at Wesel, 1555-6 (MS 2523), an account of the voyages of George, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, early 17th century (MS 2688), a survey of Essex clergy, early 17th century (MS 2442), papers of Laurence Chaderton, master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, mainly early 17th century (MS 2550), correspondence and diaries of the Revd. John Newton, evangelical divine, 1745-1804 (MS 2935-43, MS 3095-6, MS 3098); correspondence of the latter's biographer, the Revd. William Bull, 1773-1831 (MS 3095-8), of Sir George Lee and Dr. John Lee, ecclesiastical lawyers, 1732-1864 (MS 2873-80); fabric accounts of Robert Mylne, surveyor of St. Paul's Cathedral, 1767-1801 (MS 2552-3); papers concerning Marshal August Marmont during the Napoleonic wars (MS 2687), of the Revd. John Mason Neale, ecclesiologist and hymn-writer, 1838-66 (MS 2677-84, MS 3107-18); additional papers of the Palmer family (MS 2452-2502, MS 2800-57), and of Gladstone (MS 2758-74). Also included are Edward Blore's watercolours and plans for the rebuilding of Lambeth Palace, 1829-33 (MS 2949, MS 3104-5).

For the 20th century, the series includes papers of Athelstan Riley, an Anglican layman active in ecclesiastical affairs (MS 2343-2411), of Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay (MS 2965-3015), of Arthur Cayley Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester (MS 2615-50); letters from Archbishop Lang to Wilfrid Parker, Bishop of Pretoria (MS 2881-4); papers of Bishop Bell on the community of the Holy Cross, Hayward's Heath, 1929-57 (MS 3066-71); diaries of Alan Campbell Don, chaplain of Archbishop Lang (MS 2861-71), of J.R.H. Moorman, Bishop of Ripon, on the Vatican Council (MS 2793), and of H.H.V. de Candole, suffragan Bishop of Knaresborough (MS 3072-93); and papers of the Archbishops' Committee on Ancient Monuments (Churches), 1913-15 (MS 2786-90), and of various Archbishops' Commissions, 1930-68 (MS 2554-6, MS 2859, MS 2994-6, MS 3060-2).

Records of societies include the Anglo-Continental Society, 1853-1932 (MS 2908-25), the Church of England Temperance Society, 1907-67 (MS 2775-82), the Clergy Orphan Corporation, 1808-1952 (MS 3018-59), and the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, 1857-1948 (MS 2889-2907). Also noteworthy are the foreign registers for the Sudan, Mesopotamia, and Iraq, 19th-20th century (MS 2503-7, MS 2660-3, MS 2669-76, MS 2782-4).

Further information can be found in: Bill, E.G.W. A catalogue of manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 2341-3199 (1983).