MS 1222...1860

These manuscripts were acquired mainly between 1812 and 1970.

They include the household book of Anne Cranfield, Countess of Middlesex, 1622 (MS 1228), statutes and other records of various hospitals in Surrey and Kent (MS 1354, MS 1410-14) and of the cathedrals of Durham and St. Paul's (MS 1500, MS 1515), papers of Sir Roger Twysden, 2nd bart. (MS 1389-94), of Robert Mylne, surveyor of St. Paul's Cathedral, 1764-1801 (MS 1489), of the Revd. William Beauvoir, 1715-21, especially on relations with the Gallican Church (MS 1552-8), of Francis Lee, M.D., and Dr. John Lee, ecclesiastical lawyer (MS 1559-60), of Joshua Watson, 1802-52 (MS 1562), of Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London, 1699-1737 (MS 1741-3) of Francis Horsley, half-brother of Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1785-1818 (MS 1768-9).

19th century papers include the collections of F.A. White concerning Pére Hyacinthe Loyson, rector of the Gallican Catholic Church (MS 1472-82), of Baroness Burdett-Coutts on the colonial Church, 1842-76 (MS 1374-88), of the Revd. Samuel Augustus Barnett, vicar of St. Jude, Whitechapel (MS 1463-6), of the Revd. Charles Pourtales Golightly (MS 1804-11), of Sir Lewis Dibdin, ecclesiastical lawyer (MS 1586-9), and of Christopher Wordsworth, master of Trinity College, Cambridge, Charles Wordsworth, Bishop of St. Andrews, Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, and John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury (MS 1396-1401, MS 1822-4).

Also included are diaries of Bishop Williams, 1689 (MS 1774), Archbishop Wake, 1705-25 (MS 1770), Sir Walter Charles James, 1st Baron Northbourne, 1851 (MS 1771), William Ewart Gladstone, 1825-96 (MS 1416-55); collections of Francis Eeles (mainly liturgical) (MS 1501-31), and of Claude Jenkins, former Lambeth Librarian and regius professor of ecclesiastical history, Oxford (MS 1590-679); and records of the suffragan Bishops of Fulham, including transcript registers for the Anglican church at Danzig, 1706-1811 (MS 1847-60), of the Church Congresses, 1864-1932 (MS 1781-2), of the Parochial Mission Women's Association, 1862-1916 (MS 1682-93), and of the Wye Book Club, Kent, 1755-1886 (MS 1694-1700); surveys of schools in Salisbury, 1808, and Derbyshire, 1841 (MS 1732, MS 1799); and registers for Anglican churches in Shanghai and Shantung, 1849-1951 (MS 1564-84, MS 1761-4).

The mediaeval manuscripts (MS 1503-14, MS 1681) are included in the World Microfilms Publications Lambeth Palace Library: the Mediaeval Manuscripts.

Further information can be found in:

Bill, E.G.W. A catalogue of manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library, MSS. 1222-1860, (Oxford, 1972). This includes (pp. 1-51) Neil Ker's 'Archbishop Sancroft's rearrangement of the manuscripts of Lambeth Palace'.