Church of England Record Centre collections

The Church of England Record Centre holds the archives of the central institutions of the Church of England and their predecessor organisations relating to the functions and activities of the Anglican Church in England, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Topics covered by the archival collections include the following:

Buildings including chancel repairs to parish churches, construction of new churches particularly with the assistance of the Church Buildings Commission (1818-1856), parsonage houses, bishops' residences, estate properties and the archives of the Council for the Care of Churches;

Church legislation and policy making since 1919 through the Church Assembly, its boards and councils and since 1970 the General Synod (click the link on the right hand side for more information compiled for the centenary in 2019);

Church property including the management of the corporate estates of the Church Commissioners formerly belonging to Bishops, Cathedrals and other church preferments;

Commissions of enquiry into various aspects of the Church of England including Royal Commissions and Church Assembly Commissions after 1919;

Development of parish ministry through the creation and amalgamation of benefices; submission of statistical returns by incumbents and the regulation of fees and sales of property;

Education including the financial assistance and advice given to Church of England schools in England and Wales by the National Society (established 1811);

Financial assistance given to the parish clergy including endowments to benefice capital and loans for parsonage houses by the Queen Anne's Bounty (1704-1948), the Ecclesiastical Commissioners (1836-1948) and the Church Commissioners since 1948;

The Record Centre also holds the archive of the former British Council of Churches (established 1942), Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.