Carew Papers (MS 596-638)

These manuscripts were collected by Sir George Carew during his period in Ireland as President of Munster for the purpose of writing the history of the island from the reign of Henry II to that of Queen Elizabeth. The completion of the project was undertaken by his natural son, Sir Thomas Stafford in Pacata Hibernia, 1633.

Microfilms of the Carew Manuscripts are available from World Microfilms. Further information on the papers can be found in:

Brewer, J.S. and Bullen, W. (eds), Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts Preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, (6 vols, 1867-73).

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Report to the right honourable the master of the rolls upon the Carte and Carew Papers in the Bodleian and Lambeth libraries, 1864.