Advance Orders

You can if you wish request advance orders for certain categories of material, though on-demand ordering and fetching of material in the Reading Room is available (restricted for some material from 11.45am-2pm).

Please note that material in the manuscript (MS) sequence is not fetched in advance, but should not take long to fetch when ordered on site.

Readers are asked to observe the following guidelines:-

1. Provide an e-mail address in case we need to contact you urgently about the order.
2. Provide specific references in placing an order (e.g. "Davidson vol. 345" not "material on World War I"). Staff will not normally check indexes on your behalf.
3. Place a limited order (e.g. 5 to 10 items depending on size).
4. Provide a specific date for your visit, in the near future. Readers coming from abroad may notify the Library farther in advance but we would be glad of confirmation shortly before your visit.
5. If you cannot make your appointment, please contact the Library. We will then be happy to keep the material out for a little longer, but if no notification is received then the order will be reshelved as our secure storage is limited.
6. Please allow the Library staff reasonable notice when placing your order (preferably at least 48 hours in advance).
7. Please be aware that although every effort will be made to produce advance orders we cannot guarantee their immediate production.

Main categories of material which may be ordered in advance

Archbishops' Papers 
Assyrian Mission 
Bishop Bell Papers 
Bishops' Meetings 
Canon Douglas Papers 
Carte Miscellanee 
Church Society/Association 
Church Union 
Council on Foreign Relations
Court of Arches* 
Convocation Papers
Doctors' Commons
Faculty Office*
Fulham Papers (Bishops of London)*
Incorporated Church Building Society 
Lambeth Conference Papers
Papal Documents
Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline
Sion College printed collections
Vicar General*

*Some of the material in these collections is available on microform stored close to the Reading Room and does not therefore require advance ordering.

For orders of material from the Church of England Record Centre, please contact CERC directly, giving two days notice.