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Selected archive collections moving from Lambeth to Bermondsey site 

Some of the archive collections previously stored in the Library have moved from the Lambeth site to the Church of England Record Centre at Bermondsey. Of course they remain available for research alongside other collections at the Record Centre. The collections are as follows:
Faculty Office fiats series from 1900 onwards (ref: F II/241-346)
Papers of Michael Harper (ref: Harper)
Mothers’ Union archive (ref: MU)
Parish and People papers (ref: PAP)
Society of St Francis archive (ref: SSF)
Papers of John Stott (ref: Stott)
Papers of Timothy Dudley-Smith (ref: TDS)
Third Order of St Francis archive (ref: TSSF)

If you would like to view material from these collections or if you have any queries, please contact our enquiries service which serves both the Library and the Record Centre.

Liturgical Books and the Medieval Library (History of Libraries Seminar)
Great Hall of Lambeth Palace 6 Jun 2017, 5.30pm

Dr Tessa Webber , Trinity College, Cambridge

It has long been conventional in the history of books and book collections of the Middle Ages to draw a distinction between liturgical books and library books. In practice, however, the use made of the books and the arrangements for their storage and custody suggest that the distinction was sometimes less clear-cut. This paper examines such evidence together with that provided by liturgical
commentaries and medieval booklists to question how far the conventional bi-partite categorisation of books as 'liturgical' and 'library' reflects the way in which books were conceived during the Middle Ages.

This meeting will take place in the Great Hall of Lambeth Palace. Joint meeting with the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library. Those wishing to attend should send their names in advance to, or tel: 020 7898 1400, not later than Monday 5th June.  Admittance not before 5.15 p.m. via the main gatehouse of Lambeth Palace.


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